10 Best Audio Quality Smartphone [2022]

Let’s be honest best audio quality smartphone is nearly perfect when it comes to music. But nearly perfect is not perfect and if you take the best audio smartphone. Seriously it’s good to know which smartphone is gonna do what you want.

Best Audio Quality Smartphone

While music may not technically be a “universe language,” it’s the one language listened to by all. There are over 1,500 music genres today rock, jazz, trap, hip-hop, rap, classical, house, new wave, charred death, Nintendocore… and also the list goes on. And if you are like most people, you now probably listen to the majority of your music on your smartphone.

According to Park Associates, 68% of US smartphone owners stream music on a daily basis and that is just streaming. So whether you are using apps like Spotify or Pandora, listening to the radio, or going old school and enjoying MP3s and FLAC files that you downloaded from the internet or converted from CDs, the music lover inside of you desires a capable phone to truly set it free.

Top 7 Best Smartphones for Music

A truly nice listening experience depends on a range of factors, including the hardware in your phone, the quality of the music, and also the headphones that you are using. True Hi-Fi sound in a smartphone the kind that would be pleasing to even the most discerning audiophile’s ear is made possible by a mixture of top-of-the-line hardware like a dedicated amp and a digital-to-analog converter, along with software that utilizes these components to their most potential.

To find that excellent balance, we tested many of the top smartphones on the market in an effort to uncover those that offered the best overall audio experience. Since there is nothing better than music that leaves you with an otherworldly feeling, we created sure that the following smartphones not only have the best hardware available but that they also support the best software enhancements available to customers.

1. Xperia 1 III Smartphone (Android Phone with Best Audio Quality)

 Xperia 1 III Smartphone (Android Phone with Best Audio Quality)

You can immerse yourself in sound all around you with Reality Audio as if you were at a live concert. The Xperia 1 III supports wired or wireless headphones as well as built-in stereo speakers for listening to music.

The battery has been increased, the 4K display now has a 120Hz refresh rate, and the CPU and GPU have been improved.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform powers the Xperia 1 III, ensuring you get the quality experience you deserve.

The Xperia 1 III can also serve as a fast charger for other smartphones due to its reverse wireless charging feature.

2. SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 (Smartphone with Best Audio Quality 2020)

SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 (Smartphone with Best Audio Quality 2020)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G combines exceptional innovation with a brilliant screen in a reasonable size, good smartphone audio, intriguing new features like 5G and a 120Hz refresh rate, a smooth, quick interface, and a solid battery that charges up in minutes.

Thanks to the 30X Space Zoom, the Triple-lens camera system can not only shoot brilliant and high-quality photographs and movies, but it can also zoom in from afar. With the single take AI mode, you may shoot several photographs and movies with a single button press.

The Galaxy S20 FE 5G phone can shoot crystal-clear photographs without using the flash thanks to Night Mode. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G series is designed for consumers who need cutting-edge technology without sacrificing style.

3. Moto G stylus (Best Audio Quality Mobile Phone)

Moto G stylus (Best Audio Quality Mobile Phone)
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With this Mot G Stylus, you can give your screen the sound it deserves. When it comes to on-the-go entertainment, you no longer have to settle. Bring your favorite movies, music, and games to life on a 6.4″ Max Vision Full HD+ display, which is accompanied by exceptionally powerful dual stereo speakers tuned by Dolby.

You have precise control and a whole new way to express yourself with the integrated stylus. You can use it to edit images, scribble down notes, draw artwork, copy and paste text, mark up screenshots, and so much more.

In any light, get ultra-clear, ultra-vivid photographs. Using Quad Pixel technology, the 48 MP primary sensor produces crisper, brighter 12 MP images.

4. Tracfone Motorola Moto e 4G Smartphone (Best Budget Phone for Sound Quality)

Tracfone Motorola Moto e 4G Smartphone (Best Budget Phone for Sound Quality)
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This is one of the greatest phones with stereo speakers due to its powerful audio strength.

Plans from Tracfone are always convenient. There will be no invoices, overages, or surprise costs; just excellent value without the commitment.

Tracfone is connected to one of America’s largest and most reliable networks – the same networks as the other carriers.


It’s a 4G phone with the most powerful camera system, largest battery, and largest screen of any phone before released.

5. Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Phone with Best Speakers)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Phone with Best Speakers)
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In terms of audio quality, it’s always a good pick. That implies it includes high-quality internal speakers with stereo drivers for a more immersive listening experience. 

The sound, which has been enhanced with Dolby Atmos, seems considerably larger and more spacious for indoor speakers.

This phone is unlocked and may be used on GSM and CDMA networks with any carrier.

Battery health is checked, and a battery with a capacity of more than 90% of the original is guaranteed. The Apple iPhone accomplishes its goals with a vibrant, colorful screen, melodic sound, and a capable point-and-shoot camera.

It’s safe to say that it’s one of the best phones with stereo speakers on the market right now.

6. Google Pixel 6 – 5G Android Phone (Best Audio Quality Smartphone under 1000 Dollars)

Google Pixel 6 – 5G Android Phone (Best Audio Quality Smartphone under 1000 Dollars)
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When it comes to audio, the Google Pixel 6 is already a winner. You’ll have to buy your headphones because the phone doesn’t come with any, but we’re sure you have some in mind.

The Google Pixel 6 arrived with a lower asking price than previous leading Pixel phones.

Google’s repositioning of its Pixel series, unsurprisingly, comes with certain concessions. It’s fast, smart, and safe, thanks to the unique Google Tensor processor. It also adjusts to your needs. It’s also an unlocked Android phone, so you can use whatever data plan and carrier you like.

7. OnePlus 9 Astral Black, Android Smartphone

 OnePlus 9 Astral Black, Android Smartphone
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It is a mobile phone with the best music quality. The OnePlus 9 5G is powered by Qualcomm’s most powerful Snapdragon platform yet, delivering quick and smooth performance across all apps. 

The Warp Charge 65T takes wired charging to the next level. For those who prefer to charge wirelessly, the OnePlus 9 5G supports Qi wireless charging.

On its gorgeous display, you can scroll, swipe, and enjoy all of your entertainment with ease.

When connected to a 5G network exclusively compatible with T-Mobile 5G, you’ll get higher upload and download speeds as well as decreased latency.

OnePlus 9 Astral Black, Android Smartphone

You may play music, make calls, listen to the news, and check the weather by just saying “Alexa” wherever you are. Download the Alexa app, set it up, and then ask a question. Alexa will react right away.

8. Nokia 1.4 | Android 10

Nokia 1.4 | Android 10
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When you have access to Wi-Fi, you may stream high-quality music with this Nokia mobile. It means you’ll always have access to the highest-quality audio, no matter where you are. On the magnificent 6.51″ HD+ edge-to-edge screen, make the most of learning and playtime.

Additionally, parental controls are built-in to keep the family secure. With the specialized macro camera, you can make the commonplace appear exceptional. Getting close-ups of whatever catches your attention can be a lot of fun as a family.

With a 2-day battery, you can spend hours of quality time with your loved one. You’ll have enough energy for video chats, streaming, and gaming.

Due to a sturdy design that fits every hand, you may enjoy a family-friendly phone. Furthermore, put your faith in reliable technologies like the Qualcomm CPU and fingerprint sensor.

9. OnePlus Nord Android Smartphone

OnePlus Nord Android Smartphone
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With the OnePlus Nord N200 5G, everyone can enjoy superfast upload and download speeds. The huge, vivid 90Hz Full HD display in the palm of your hand provides all-day immersive entertainment.

With a big 5000mAh battery, you also see that the Nord N200 5G will easily handle all of your movies, TV shows, and games.

You’ll have all the resources you need to run all your games and programs smoothly, due to a strong pool of RAM and expandable storage. Beautiful picture and video sessions are possible with a triple camera setup.

The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is a powerful device that brings superior features and the potential of 5G to a wider audience than ever before.

10. Motorola edge (Smartphone with Best Audio Quality)

Motorola edge (Smartphone with Best Audio Quality)
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Waves’ audio tuning technology, which won a Technical GRAMMY Award, produces professional-quality sound with a deeper, broader sound that envelops you. 

Studio-quality sound is delivered due to the greatest output of any smartphone and award-winning audio tuning technology.

With a next-generation wireless network, an amazingly fast CPU, 6GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, you’ll be able to experience pure speed.

T-5G Mobile’s network is now supported. Other networks may be ready for 5G depending on carrier availability.

With the class-leading 4500 mAh battery and TurboPower, you’ll be off of power outlets in no time. The 18W TurboPower charger charges your phone in minutes and provides you hours of energy. 

Actual battery performance varies and is influenced by many factors, including signal strength and network.

What is your Best Audio Smartphone?

What is your favorite best audio quality smartphone? Definitely drop those in the comments below.

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