How to get Water Out of your Phone without Rice

If your phone gets wet, How to get water out of your phone without rice? Oh No, we’ve all been there jumped in a pool without remembering to take your phone out of your pocket. Water is your phone’s worst enemy capable of wiping out all your pictures and stored data. How to get water out of your phone without rice? I understand your issues, and that’s why I bring this article for your guidance on how to get water out of your phone without rice.
In this article, you will get to know how to get water out of your phone without rice. Here at the bright side, I have put together a list of things you can do to try to save your phone. There is a good chance you can resuscitate you’re drowning phone without doing mouth-to-mouth.

If your phone gets wet, How to get water out of your phone without rice?

1. Take it out of the liquid immediately

You have probably already thought of this one but in case you didn’t grab your phone immediately. The more exposure your phone has to the water. More water will get inside the case and damage internal components so the sooner you fish it out better. It is easy to get freaked out the second your phone touches the water.
how to get water out of your phone without rice
You think that it’s ruined that’s not the case lots of factors can determine. How much damage exposure to water will do to your Phone. If the water is particularly clean for instance that may cause less damage. Saltwater is especially hard on a phone.
A high salt or sugar concentration in the water such as if you drop your phone in a glass of soda will cause more damage. It’s even worse if salt or sugar gets trapped in your phone as they become corrosive and can damage the components.

2. Turn it off

how to get water out of your phone without rice
Your phone will probably turn itself off as soon as it falls into liquid. If it doesn’t make sure you turn it off immediately. The power staying on the phone runs the risk of short-circuiting which will cause more damage to the mechanisms inside. If the phone is asleep leave it asleep. If the power button doesn’t work or it’s taken too long you might be able to take out the battery to shut it off.

3. Remove the battery

how to get water out of your phone without rice
If you have an iPhone or another phone that does not let you remove the battery skip this step. But if you can take the battery outdo it immediately. Removing the energy supply will help prevent the phone from being fried. Worried about shocks cell phone batteries typically do not carry enough electrical currents to hurt you. Most electric shocks involving consumer electronics have to do with overloaded power outlets frayed cords or bad wiring, not the devices themselves.
Whatever you do not plug your phone in while it’s wet. Your wall outlet carries a much stronger current than the phone battery not only will plug in a wet phone. Almost certainly destroy the phone but you could shock yourself as well or start a fire. If you’re really worried about shocking yourself use a pair of rubber gloves.

4. Remove the SIM card memory card and all peripherals

how to get water out of your phone without rice
Empty out your phone take out the SIM card and memory card. If you can an iPhone will only allow you to remove the SIM card to do that. Unplug your headphones remove all the covers and plug that cover the charging port and phone port in the phone. These can trap moisture inside the phone or be damage themselves. Some of these peripherals might need to be dried as well. It’s less likely that they’ll suffer as much damage from water as your phone will because their electronics usually are not as complex.
For example, your headphones will probably be just fine driving with a towel. Remove the earpieces shake out the moisture and let them dry on their own for 48 hours. For a SIM card, short exposure is unlikely to damage the card. Dry it off and leave it on a paper towel overnight. The same goes for a memory card that is to take it out of the water and let it dry.

5. Dry the phone with a cloth or microfiber towel

how to get water out of your phone without rice
Pat your phone gently dry with a cloth or microfiber towel. You should avoid using paper as particles can come loose and clog up the pores of the phone. That takes care of drying the external surface of the phone but what if the moisture got inside.

6. Don’t use an oven microwave or hairdryer

how to get water out of your phone without rice
Who does not love a good explosion right well don’t put your phone in an oven or a microwave? Unless you want to cause an electrical storm that will destroy your phone and make a huge mess of your kitchen. There is a reason we do not expose the metal to microwave radiation. You probably already thought of that but consider something similar but less obvious hairdryers.

Some people swear by using a hairdryer to evaporate moisture in their phones. But watch out for the heat produced by your hairdryer that can cause significant damage to the internal components of your phone. Vaporizing the moisture inside the phone can just spread it further try something else.

7. Gently shake your phone dry

Shaking your phone can get rid of a lot of those pesky droplets of moisture stuck inside the phone. While you are doing this won’t be enough to dry out your phone. However, shaking it only gets rid of the surface moisture and there might still be moisture inside. But you need to get rid of it before you turn the phone on.

8. Put the phone in a vacuum bag

Use suction to extract water stuck inside your phone especially in those parts that are tough to access. You are in a science lab you probably don’t have a vacuum generating tube though if you do try that. Otherwise, put the phone in a plastic bag and suck out the air with a vacuum cleaner or shop vac. Hopefully, this will suck the like right out of the inner parts of the phone.

9. Clean the phone with rubbing alcohol

If you submerge your phone in something other than water such as mud coffee soda juice spaghetti sauce or something gross. You may need how to get water out of your phone without rice. If you’re going to regain functionality disassemble the phone and swab the phone clean was isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. You can also try submerging your phone in-circuit safe cleaner or pure grain alcohol. Which will absorb the moisture clean any impurities and ultimately evaporate without leaving conductive residue? If you give your phone an alcohol bath dry it as normal for at least 48 hours.

10. Store your phone in a safe dry place

This probably seems obvious but the last thing you want is your phone to be exposed to more moisture while it’s drying. Don’t keep the phone in a jar of rice next to the sink or washing machine for instance where accidents can happen. Put it in a cupboard or a room with no sink or window if the jar has a lid put the lid on the number.

11. Wait

If your phone gets wet, How to get water out of your phone without rice? Phones need time to dry even if you don’t put it in an absorbent material you need to wait. Give your phone time to dry out before you try to use it again. Even if a single water particle remains in the phone it could lead to significant damage when you try to turn it on. It is very important to give your phone at least two days to dry. You’re going to have to live without a phone temporarily. What to do read a book go outside catch up on some work if you’ve been procrastinating hang out with friends.

12. While you’re waiting to check your warranty

How to get water out of your phone without rice? Water damage voids most cell phone warranty plans because the manufacturer often cannot plan for submersion events. It is possible however that you have your warranty through a third-party vendor such as asuri on or SquareTrade. They might cover accidental spills or submersion if so file a claim immediately. Even if the phone appears to be working as it’s always possible that it will manifest damage leader.

13. Turn it on and cross your fingers

Once you’re sure your phone is dry you can plug it back in and try to turn it on. If it powers up you’re in business if not well it’s probably fried and not going to come back. We’re not gonna sugarcoat it for your water can inflict catastrophic damage on your phone. Even if it comes back it might not work in quite the same way as before. Water damage can lead to rebooting loops where your phone tries to boot up fails a particular process and restarts.
Persistent freezing distorted images malfunctioning processes or any number of hazards. But we here on the bright side are very optimistic and hope for a positive outcome. If you’ve done everything you can to maximize your chances of a rescued phone then there’s a chance your phone will work out fine. You might be surprised well did you manage to rescue your phone after its little dip.

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