How to Connect Phone to TV using Bluetooth – 2022

What’s up guys Today I am gonna show you five ways to how to connect the phone to tv using Bluetooth. So you can play mobile games or just simple project anything that you’re doing on your phone to a bigger screen. This includes regular HD TVs and smart TVs the kind of TVs that connect to Bluetooth.

For connection using Bluetooth, both the receiver (phone) and the transmitter (TV) should support the Bluetooth protocol. If your TV has a supported Bluetooth protocol just switch it on, and search for nearby devices and Connect ( Just like connecting 2 phones.)


How to Connect My Smartphone to My TV without using Bluetooth

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your iPhone’s Settings app (if Bluetooth is turned on, then skip this step).
  • Add the Apple TV control to your iPhone’s Control Center in the Settings app of your iPhone (if you’ve already added it, then skip this step).
  • Swipe up to open the Control Center of your iPhone (if you use an iPhone X, then you will need to swipe up twice).
  • Tap the Apple TV control in your Control Center (it looks something like this: (Apple logo) tv).
  • Your iPhone will start searching for an Apple TV with Bluetooth turned on.
  • If you find an Apple TV, then tap its device name to connect.
  • If you succeed, then voila!

How to activate Roku Device?
Note: This manual will work only if you have an Apple TV and an iPhone running iOS 11.0 or higher.

How to Connect Phone to TV using Bluetooth

1. Screen Mirroring

Sometimes called screencasting allows you to mirror your mobile device content to your TV screen. If you have a smart TV and Wi-Fi connection you can do screen mirroring for free. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure your Android devices have a screen mirroring feature. I know for sure most of the Samsung Galaxy S and notes do have screen mirroring features. I even hooked up my Galaxy s3 which is like 7 years old all the devices that offer screen mirroring may name it something else like screencast all shared screen media output etc.
how to connect phone to tv using bluetooth
Older devices and those running operating systems older than Android 4.1 point wealth may not have the screen mirroring feature. Some newer devices will have Smart TV rather than screen mirroring in the menu function. You will need to open the connection for screen mirroring on both your smartphone on your TV. In order for the connection to work successfully.
The quickest way how to connect my smartphone to my tv. Find out if your device has the screen mirroring or Smart View function is to use two fingers to pull down the extended notification menu. If your device does not have these features you can still connect via Quick Connect.

2. How to Connect Phone to TV using Bluetooth by Quick Connect

How to connect the phone to tv using Bluetooth? Quick Connect feature only works on Samsung devices and allows you to easily search and connect using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to find other mobile devices. Smart TVs and or streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV stick you can use Quick Connect to share content such as images videos and audio and of course screen mirrors as well. If you’re connecting to a TV it needs to be capable of supporting Wi-Fi connections. You will need to have this enabled in order for a quick connection to be detected.
how to connect phone to tv using bluetooth

 Step 1:

Slide your finger down from the top of the screen to pull down the notification bar.

Step 2:

Select Quick Connect if this is the first time you have used Quick Connect. You may be prompted to update or enable.

Step 3:

Select the device you wish to connect to in this example the device is connected to a smart TV. Select the content you wish to share depending on the nature of the content. Tap the share icon if the share icon is not available to tap the menu in the top right-hand corner.
Either shown as the menu or three dots the device you are connecting to may request that you allow the connection tap agree to allow or ok. Note if you’re connecting to an HDTV other than a Samsung Smart TV. You may need to use the Samsung AllShare Hub.

Samsung Allshare Cast Hub

3. Samsung Allshare Cast Hub

If you have a Samsung device but not a Samsung Smart TV. This is for you the way that it works is very simple to connect all share task hub to an AC power source. Then connect your HDTV using a standard HDMI cable go to wireless settings to run all your cast and select your device.

4. Screen Beam Mini Tube

how to connect phone to tv using bluetooth
If you don’t own a Samsung device specifically or if you don’t have a smart TV. Your best option will be a screen beam mini tube. How to connect the phone to tv using Bluetooth? Which is a wireless display receiver that doesn’t need an internet connection because it works with Bluetooth? You just need to connect the power cable to the receiver which is a USB cable to the TV if it has a USB port. If it doesn’t you can always use the charger that comes with it and also you need to connect the receiver to an HDMI port. If the place where the TV is located doesn’t allow you to do so or maybe the receiver is taking a lot of space. It doesn’t give you enough room for other HDMI cables or for any other reason. You can always use the HDMI extension cable as well.

5. Google Chromecast

last but certainly not least Google Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use your mobile device and the TV you already own to stream your favorite TV shows music sports games and more. This device basically turns your dumb TV into a smart TV. Chromecast works with iPhone iPad Android devices. This is made of hard shiny plastic material which is what makes this so affordable with a $35 price tag.
how to connect phone to tv using bluetooth
It’s a steal compared to other streaming devices like the Apple TV and the ones that I previously mentioned. So if your budget is really tight this is a good option to set it up. You just need to connect the HDMI cable to your TV and then plug the micro USB cable into the Chromecast. Then you plug the adapter into the wall or to an available USB port on your television to feed the power. Which is the more ideal way of doing this than turning on the TV? Switch it to the correct HDMI port and then download the Chromecast app on your iPhone or Android.
If your mobile device doesn’t support screen mirroring or any other type of connection to your TV. Then you should definitely try Chromecast. It works pretty similarly to the previous devices that I show you earlier. The only difference is that you need a strong Wi-Fi connection and make sure your Chromecast and devices are within a good range from your router.

Chromecast ultra

For best results or else you might experience connection problems there is another version of this device called Chromecast ultra. Which streams up to 4k resolution but it is $70. There is another option that I wanted to mention. If you don’t have Wi-Fi at home or a Smart TV you can also buy an HDMI to micro USB adapter.

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