How to fix a dead Phone Battery – Guide 2022

Can you please help me about how to fix a dead phone battery, my phone is dead? Many of you hold the iPhone in your hands, and somehow you are not able to learn that when the battery runs dead.
Your iPhone has been composed with so many of the business tasks such as checking emails or chatting associations or also learning about the new stories.
Your iPhone is attached with the battery meter as well that will somehow visually display as about how much power is left, but if your iPhone’s battery is somehow to be depleted, the meter does not at all display.

Is your iPhone Dead? How to fix a Dead Phone Battery

This is the just way to learn how to fix a dead phone battery.

  • Part 1: How to know my iPhone battery turns dead?
  • Part 2: How to fix a dead phone battery and Resurrect dead iPhone battery


How to know when your iPhone battery is Dead?

Below we will be highlighting down with some of the essential ways to know that when you should know that your iPhone dead battery is running away. Let’s check out the best ways of the most common problem, how to fix a dead phone battery.
how to fix a dead phone battery

  • The cell in the Red:

As your battery will be gone, the phone screen will be going to turn black, and you would become unable to get complete access to the functions of the phone.
You will be catching with the thin red bar on top of the left side of the battery icon to know your iPhone is charging its battery from a depleted state.

  • No Battery Icon:

You should also be checking that the dock connector cable is somehow to be correctly plugged into the power adapter and right over into the place location of the iPhone’s dock connector.

  • Blank Screen:

If you find your phone screen to be a complete blank, then your battery is no longer into the state of accepting the charge, and it should be replaced.
You should be replacing the battery right at that moment. It is really not possible to replace it by your own. Otherwise, it can damage your battery and so as the phone too.

Important ways on How to fix a dead phone battery:

how to fix a dead phone battery

Tip 1: Charge Your Dead iPhone for A While:

  • Suggestion no 1 is all about charging the iPhone completely dead battery for the small while.
  • It might be possible that you have a low battery, or it might get stuck because of the cold weather too.
  • This would be letting the phone to get shut off.
  • So, you should turn off the phone and keep it on the charging mode for a couple of minutes. If it starts getting the charge, then there is no issue in your iPhone battery.


Tip 2: Hard Reset the Dead iPhone:

how to fix a dead phone battery

  • If in the condition phone is dead and won’t charge, then there are high chances for the dead of the iPhone device. In that condition, we would suggest that you should somehow get your phone checked for any hardware damage in it.
  • How Tough is to Reset the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR:
  • You will, first of all, be holding the sleep/wake button on one side and volume down on the other side. It might take the screenshot so down is probably simple.
  • You should wait until the power of the slider is appearing.
  • Now you have to move up the slider from left to right to shut down the view appearance of the phone.
  • This is one of the easiest ways for how to fix a dead phone battery.


Tip 3: Fix iPhone Dead Battery Problem without Losing Your Important Data:


  • This is all taken away to be one of the simple and most comfortable solutions of all in how to fix a dead phone battery. This solution is all about fixing the battery without losing the data.
  • My phone will make your offer with two features for this solution adding 2 modes such as a standard mode that is much helpful in most of scenario and advances mode that is putting the main focus on the ios problems.
  • You can use the standard mode for fixing iPhone problems such as battery dead. It will surely save your data from losing.
  • But advanced mode can also fix iPhone problems such as battery dead. But it will cause you to lose data.


Tip 4: Restore Your Dead iPhone From the Factory Settings

  • By the range of getting your battery all connected with the factory settings, there are many chances of getting your iPhone battery all protected although it will somehow automatically delete all the user data on top of your phone as well.
  • You should, first of all, make sure that you are using upon the latest version of the iTune.
  • If the iTune is already opened, you should close it. You need to connect the device straight away to the computer and then open the iTunes.
  • how to fix a dead phone battery
  • As the device gets connected, you will be force restarting it. You should not release the button. But when you see the Apple logo, you have to wait somehow until the option of connecting to iTunes screen appears.
  • On iPhone 8 and later you have to press, and then you need to release the Volume Up button quickly.  After it just presses and holds on with the Side button until you see the option of connecting to iTunes screen.

For the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus you have to press, and then you have to hold the Side button of the phone and Volume Down buttons at the same time firmly. You will be going to keep holding them until you see the option of connecting to iTunes screen. This method is the most genuine way for how to fix a dead phone battery.

Tip 5: If All Failed, Check Hardware Problem

how to fix a dead phone battery
The last tip is all about checking away the hardware problem and knowing the reason how to fix a dead phone battery. There would be somehow battery or other software damage; we would recommend readers to straightaway contact Apple support center or local repair shop to check and replace as soon as possible.

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