Laptop Overheating When Playing Games [SOLVED With Pictures]

The greatest threat for your laptop, aside from your coffee, is overheating. It will cause hardware failure and permanent injury. Let me show you how to prevent or fix laptop overheating when playing games and so improve the performance and extend the lifespan of your laptop.
Apart from merely taking measures to make sure that your laptop’s own internal cooling system is working properly, did you know that you can also get a laptop cooler, or cooling pad, as they are sometimes referred to?
Laptops have become a lot of powerful and compact than ever before. A steep increase in CPU performance is facilitated by chips that are ever a lot of densely packed with transistors.
In parallel, slimmer cases pack an increasing number of processors and stronger graphics cards support larger screens with higher resolutions. These developments come back at a cost: excess heat.

Laptop Shuts Down when playing Games due to overheating

Using Power Management Settings

It all needs to do with the power management in the laptop. You can change the power management plan by visiting the battery settings.
If you are using Windows 8, simply click on the battery icon and go to Power Settings. under the “Power and Sleep” section on the left side. You will see an option “Additional Power Settings” as shown in the image below. Click on it and you will see lots of plan management settings.
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
Then Click on “Change Plan Settings” and then click on “Change Advanced Power Settings”.
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
You will see a listing of options here. Click on the +(plus) sign beside the maximum power state and then change 1000th to 98 or a bit less. This means that the system would move to a maximum of 98 in case of full usage and this could reduce the heat of the laptop. This may facilitate in fixing laptop overheating when playing games and laptop will not shut down while playing games.
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
For Windows 7 users, the method is similar. you simply have to click the battery icon and then click “Power Options”.
If the above Method does not work for you, here is another one.

Removing Battery during Game

In order to fix my laptop overheating when playing games just shut down the laptop and remove the battery.
After removing the battery, plug in the charger and so turn on the laptop.
Now you can play the game and use the system to its full potential.
Once you are done playing the game, you can insert the battery in and use the laptop for normal functions.
This solution has worked for many users. Many users can get confused as to however the laptop would work without the battery. But don’t worry; that’s why I told you to plug in the power source in the laptop when removing the battery.
So with this solution, at least your gaming experience won’t be disturbed.

Getting to the root of the problem: Fix the Fan of laptop

As I said higher than, laptop heating issues in general and during gaming stem from the fan problems. It’s the fan which has the responsibility to keep the laptop cool. Once the laptop is shutting down during vice due to overheating that means the fan isn’t working properly.
You can fix a laptop overheating problem by fixing the fan and for that, you’ll have to open the laptop. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult.
Once you have got confirmed that it’s a fan problem, just take a thin screwdriver and open the laptop by putting it upside down and opening all of its screws one by one.
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
When you have opened apart your laptop, simply take out the fan. When you take out the fan, you may be shocked to see the amount of dirt in there. We keep using our laptops altogether sorts of weird and careless ways. There’s an opening for the exhaust below the fan from where all the dirt goes in. Years pass by and large pieces of dirt keep accumulating in laptop fan.
laptop overheating when playing games
laptop overheating when playing games
In most of the cases, the fan isn’t faulty. It’s the dirt that stops the fan from moving. The dirt is stuck in the blades and therefore the fan cannot even kick-start.
Just spend some time and clean the fan absolutely. Remove the dirt and use cotton or tissue papers to clean the fan.

“Put the fan inside and pack the laptop”

This will fix the laptop shuts down when playing games problem as a result of this solution addresses the overheating problem’s cause.
This is how to fix my laptop overheating when playing games and laptop shutdown problems. In case your problem is still not solved, comment on this post with your laptop details and I will get back to you with an answer.

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