Large Screen Smartphone vs Small Screen phone, Which Is More Comfortable to Use?

How many inches Mobile phone you are using now? What is clear, the screen is now more advanced and sophisticated innovation.
Some are bezeless, some are an in-screen fingerprint, and so on. The width of the screen seems to have been all that much, between 5 to 6 inches.
Speaking of the width of the screen, this time Jaka wants to discuss which one is between the big screen Mobile Phone and the small screen!

Big Phone vs. Small Screen Phone

Some smartphone manufacturers often release two versions, one big screen, and one small screen. Examples are the larger iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.
So, which one should we buy?

1. Smartphone performance

For performance issues, usually, large-screen smartphones are equipped with specifications that are larger than the small version.
An example is the capacity of the battery that is owned. With a larger size, HP manufacturers can have more space to increase the capacity of the battery.
The large size of the battery needs to be supported by the performance of the processor that is able to optimize the use of the battery so it doesn’t run out quickly.
Well, for the processor itself is usually the same between large and small screens. What is different is the size of RAM that is owned.

2. Comfort

Widescreen phones have one drawback: their large size. This makes this type of Smartphone uncomfortable when in a bag.
For this reason, many people decide to have a small Mobile phone because it is more compact and comfortable.
In addition, small-screen smartphones do not take up too much space when being charged or placed on a table.

3. Doing various jobs

It is undeniable that with a widescreen, there are many things we can do with more leverage.
Examples are office work documents, music editing, drawing, video editing, and other activities.
These jobs are certainly not optimal if we use a small-screen smartphone because of our limited space.

Other Comparisons. . .

4. One-Hand Use

Are you the type of person who likes to use a smartphone with one hand? If so, you’d better choose a small sail smartphone.
Although widescreen smartphones have features that make it easier for us to operate with one hand, they still can’t beat a smartphone with a small screen.
With a small screen smartphone, we can do several activities at a time because we only need one hand to run it.

5. Multimedia experience

Logically, playing games using the big screen will be far more satisfying. For example, it will be easier for us to see enemies when playing PUBG.
Not only for playing games, watching videos Like TamilRockers will be more satisfying with a widescreen phone. Moreover, if you do not have a television or laptop as a means to watch.
If you’re the type who really likes watching serials on Netflix or YouTube, you better use a wide-screen smartphone.

6. Toughness

At first glance, it seems that a large-screen smartphone is tougher than a small-screen smartphone. Really like that?
Apparently not, gang. If you remember a few years ago, the iPhone 6+ was very easy to bend, whereas the iPhone 6 wasn’t that easy.
The reason, a small screen-sized smartphone has a denser component so it is more solid than a widescreen smartphone.

7. Screen Resolution

Although not all, some smartphones that have wide screens have a higher resolution than smaller smartphones.
This is actually not very pronounced for us. Our eyes will not know easily know the difference.
However, if you are the type of person who wants the best, you can choose a widescreen smartphone as your daily driver .

Final word

In conclusion, both large and small screen mobile phones have their respective advantages that you can adjust to your needs.
If you need a high-performance smartphone with quite intense multimedia use, a widescreen Mobile phone is suitable for you (or you might as well buy a tablet ).
If you are just a normal user who prefers practicality, Jaka suggests buying a small screen phone.
Which one do you prefer? Write in the comments column, yes!

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