LG V30 Review: With best LG V30 headphone jack

So this is the LG V30 headphone jack this is LG’s big flagship for the second half of 2017.  The LG V series of smartphones has always been about photography videography and audio and that’s what makes the LG V30 so exciting. We’ll get into all that stuff but first, let’s get all the basic smartphone stuff out of the way starting off with these specs you have a Snapdragon 835 processor 4 gigabytes of RAM.  It also comes with 64 gigs of internal storage standard but there’s also a plus model which will vary by region that comes with a hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes of internal storage.
There’s also a micro SD card slot if you need more now as far as performance goes it’s very fast it performs just as well as you would expect for a flagship phone. It’s very responsive it’s fast to launch apps it’s quick to multitask it’s also really good at playing graphically intensive games without any stuttering or slowdown. Love the LGV 30 for a reason and that reason is the LG V30 headphone jack.

Love the LGV 30 for a reason and that reason is the LG V30 headphone jack

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LG V30

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So I’ve had no issues with the performance of the V 30 it performs extremely well in day-to-day use. Even in heavy use like most phones that we’re seeing in 2017 the LG v 30 is water and dust resistant. It’s IP 68 which means it’s protected for up to one and a half meters for up to 30 minutes. So this means you can use it in the rain or drop it in a puddle of water.
It’ll be perfectly fine the fingerprint sensor of the V 30 is on the back and it’s nice and centered so it’s easier to reach with your index finger. It’s a very fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. I haven’t had any issues with it but what I really enjoy about LG’s implementation with their fingerprint sensor is that it also doubles as the power key. This is something that LG has been doing for a while now and I kind of really wish that more manufacturers would adopt this feature like previous LG V Series smartphones. Love the LGV 30 for a reason and that reason is the LG V30 headphone jack.
LG V30 headphone jack


The V 30 is military 810g transit drop compliant which means it’s much more durable against drops. I still don’t recommend dropping this phone because it’s a really pretty looking phone now unlike the v10 and V 20. Which arguably had a more industrial and more unique design the V thirty’s design is a little bit more elegant. More mainstream and is very similar to a lot of smartphones in terms of design and what we’re seeing in 2017.
So it has glass in the front glass on the back and a metal frame that wraps around the sides and I really like the design of the LG v30 headphone jack. I think it’s a very good-looking phone it feels extremely comfortable in the hand as well with the rounded corners and the slightly tapered back. The glass back obviously does mean that it collects a lot of fingerprints but that’s just sort of to be expected.


When you have a phone that’s made predominantly of glass this new design also means that the battery is no longer removable which to me is not that big of a deal. Battery life on the LG V30 has been extremely good it has a pretty decently sized 3300 milliamp-hour battery which has been enough to get me through a full day. Whether I’m using the phone more casually with a lot of texting web browsing and social media may be a couple of YouTube videos.
LG V30 headphone jack


If I’m using it really heavily and playing a lot of games watching a lot of YouTube taking a lot of photos it still lasts me comfortably all day. A screen on time typically hovered around the 5-hour mark on the front LG has made some pretty significant changes to the display. It is now a six-inch OLED display with Quad HD resolution and an aspect ratio of 18 by 9. LG is calling this the full efficient display which is really just a fancy buzzword for a screen that goes edge to edge and has really thin bezels around all sides.
Now the 6-inch screen may sound really massive but because of the thinner bezels. The aspect ratio that makes that screen less wide it actually doesn’t feel like a 6-inch screen smartphone in your hand the screen itself looks absolutely gorgeous.


Let’s talk about those cameras so you have dual cameras on the back the main sensor is a 16-megapixel sensor with F 1.6 aperture. Which makes it the brightest lens on a smartphone right now and it also has optical image stabilization the secondary sensor is a wide-angle lens at 13 megapixels at F 1.9 no OAS here. It doesn’t really need it because it’s such a wide angle and the focus is set to infinity there’s a couple of new features with this camera.
The biggest one is the ability to shoot log footage and log footage is something you typically find on a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. This basically lets you shoot a completely flat image that has a much better dynamic range so you can manipulate it a lot heavier in the post in terms of color grading and color correcting.
What you find so that wraps up our review of the LG V30. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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