Why is My Phone Not Charging Properly – Guide 2022

If your phone not charging properly, don’t directly assume your phone charger or your battery is broken. Based on personal expertise, the problem – and solution – could also be much simpler than you think. If your phone not charging properly or at all. Take a look and fix your phone that won’t charge.

The issue may be that the phone is charging very slow or it might be a phone not charging properly. A phone not charging properly issue means that your battery may be a dud or that the charger has conked off on you. whereas these may turn out to be the causes, chances are there is nothing wrong with your hardware that a little bit of tweaking cannot set right.
Let’s look at some tips that may get your phone battery up and running, without any expert intervention. These might seem easy, but they definitely are effective.

It can be the App you Download

The plethora of third-party apps available to us makes our life lots easier. But, there are some that would wreak severe havoc in the charging of your phone. If you have got recently downloaded an app after which the charging issue occurred then most uninstalling that app should get the task done.
But, if there are not any recent installations to your phone. It would still be a third-party app causing issues. Finding the culprit here becomes a lot harder. Galaxy S5 has the choice to run the phone on safe mode wherein all the third-party apps are disabled. If on doing this the phone starts charging then you know that it is a third-party app that is to blame.
Phone Not Charging Properly

Replace the Battery

Batteries do not last forever, and after a couple of years, they start to struggle to hold a charge. The more usually you discharge and recharge them, they will need replacement soon. If your battery’s busted once six months, it’s faulty. You must make a warranty claim for a free replacement. If the battery’s older than two years, it’s approaching the end of its time.
Some defective batteries are simple to spot because they begin to bulge or leak fluid. If nothing like that is obvious from the outside, remove your device’s cover and examine the battery.
If the cover does not return off, you could try laying the device on its back and spinning it. A bulging battery can deform the case – you might not be able to see this bulge. But it would be enough to allow your phone to spin. If you think your battery could be swollen or leaking, get your phone to a repair shop and get an esteemed replacement.

Check the USB Port

Phone not charging properly is affecting once the insides of the USB port. So the charger does not connect or come in contact. Continuous inserting and removal of the charger into the port will lead to minor hardware defects that may cause an improper contact.
Phone Not Charging Properly
While the problem may sound serious, after all, we are saying the defect lies in your phone instead of its accessories, it’s of course corrected. Cut your phone and confiscate its battery. Once this can be done all you wish to do is take a toothpick and maneuver the small tab inside your device’s USB port a bit higher. Phone not charging properly, your battery charging issues would be resolved when you restart your phone.
Another common issue is any kind of an obstruction present in the USB port. This might be as tiny as a piece of lint from your jeans pocket or the inside of your purse. This may create a physical barrier against proper contact between the charger and so the USB port. A simple blow of air to your USB port will get rid of the problem.

Software Crash

Phone Not Charging Properly

Here is a problem that is rather peculiar and difficult to find. But, if you know that this might be a possible reason for your phone not charging properly then rectifying it is a piece of cake. At times, the phone stops charging altogether refuses to fix. Even when trying different cables, chargers, charging sockets and more.
This could be the results of a software package crash. while the charging gear and hardware are all intact. The software package that recognizes the charger and leads to the charging is not running anymore. an easy hard reset should get the task done.d of the problem.

Phone not Charging Properly then Check the cables

Faulty charging cables will cause charging problems. while the most adapter of the charger is hardy. Stand the take a look at of your time, the same cannot be said of the charging cables.
Phone Not Charging Properly
A frayed cable might be the reason behind all your woes. Using another cable should offer you a concept of whether the problem lies with your charging cable. If the phone charges with the opposite cable then you have your villain whereas if it doesn’t then this can be one less thing for you to worry about.

Wall Plug Adapter

Phone Not Charging Properly

If it is not the cable then it may all right be the adapter that you plug into the electric socket. this is especially necessary if you have a charger where the cable and the adapter are separate. Try using the adapter and cable combination on another device to test. If the fault lies together with your charger or your phone.

Check your Power supply

This might sound rather silly, but usually, we overlook the most obvious reason behind our issues. Your power source might be the problem here. Often while a power provides works for different things it would not be the correct suited your mobile charger. Phone not charging properly then try charging your phone in different sockets before you hit the button.

Software Updates

Both iOS and Android come back up with regular software system updates to improve their customer expertise. A brand new device will definitely gain from such an update. But an older phone is incapable of managing the upper demands of an improved software system. This can cause many problems one of that might be a slower charging rate.
Software Updates
To rectify the problem all that has to be done is that you roll back the update. Running an older version on your phone will cause minor security risks that you must remember of before the rollback.

The Bottom Line

Phone not charging properly these are many the most recurring causes of battery charging problems. it is vital to remember that an ill-treated battery will cause severe risks including an explosion of your device. never buy low-cost chargers or cables that are available for a deal online. it is a better plan to stay to tried and tested brands that supply utmost security.

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