pokemon go research rewards

Pokemon Go Research Rewards: Complete Field Tasks List


A Pokemon Go research rewards table breathes some much-needed life into Pokemon Go with Pokemon Go questsPokemon Go levels, and Pokemon Go tasks.

The Pokemon Go research rewards table includes encounters with Larvitar and Chansey and items such as silver pinap, candy, and rare potions.

pokemon go research rewards

If you complete one of the Pokemon Go tasks in a seven day period then you’ll earn a breakthrough reward.

This is one of the Pokemon Go research rewards including a very rare Pokemon.

Not only that but completing one of these Pokemon Go levels or Pokemon Go quests is one of the fastest ways you can progress in the game.pokemon go research rewards

By constantly taking on these Pokemon Go tasks you easily pick up a ton of Pokemon Go research rewards and bonuses.

Research Breakthroughs Vs. Field Research

 Field research items are picked up via a Pokéstop.

These Pokemon Go research rewards seem very random, however, they do change each month, which is a nice incentive to regularly pop in at your local Pokéstop.

pokemon go research rewards

Completing these little Pokemon Go quests can often lead to research breakthroughs.

Field research basically involves Pokemon Go tasks that you can pick up when you spin Pokéstops.

At each of these stops, you’ll be assigned a certain mission.

A trainer can choose to complete as many of these Pokemon Go levels as they want to, and the Pokemon Go rewards seem to really vary from stop to stop.

pokemon go research rewards

In order to progress to a research breakthrough, you’ll need to complete one new mission a day.

These Pokemon Go tasks provides a more fulfilling, engaging gaming experience for the trainer, teaching the gamer more about the different aspects of Pokemon Go.

As an example, one of the field research Pokemon Go quests may involve hatching an egg or battling in a raid.

pokemon go research rewards

When you complete one of the Pokemon Go tasks you may be rewarded with items from the rewards table, but other times you’ll get to engage with the rarest of the rare Pokémon.

As an example, field research is the only way you can catch a Spinda.

The Pokemon Go research rewards table and quests will rotate monthly, which means at the end of the month a reward or quest is retired and replaced with new options.

At times Niantic may keep a certain Pokemon Go quests going, but the rewards table will change.

Below, you’ll find the current Pokemon Go research rewards missions:

  • Spinning a unique stop
  • Catching Pokémon
  • Hatching eggs
  • Favoriting a Pokémon
  • Transfer a Pokémon
  • Walk with a buddy
  • Evolve a Pokémon
  • Raid battles
  • Win a gym battle
  • Level up a badge
  • Landing a great throw

Pokemon Go Research Rewards Table (Ranked Boost.com)

pokemon go research rewards table

For some trainers, a handful of Pokemon Go levels will be impossible to complete, like moving up a task.

Special research tasks aren't removeable or deleteable,  like a regular field research task, however, this will probably change in the very near future.

pokemon go research rewards

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To learn about the Pokemon Go research rewards you can easily check out the rewards option located on the right side of the screen.

Once you’ve completed a special mission you’ll be rewarded with experience points.

Completing all of these Pokemon Go levels will lead to the mythical encounter.

Some of the field Pokemon Go research rewards include:

  • Pokémon encounters
  • Technical machines
  • Stardust
  • Rare candy
  • Experience points
  • Items such as incubators and berries

pokemon go research rewards

You can only earn a single stamp a day, even if you kill yourself and complete several Pokemon Go levels in a single day.

Basically, these stamps are designed to be handed out one at a time for a seven day period.

Once you have earned that seventh stamp then you can unlock the research breakthrough.

The breakthrough is represented by a large wrapped package that’s given to you by Professor Willow.

Special Pokemon Go Research Rewards Missions

These special missions are available for trainers after level five. Special research quests are the biggest thing Pokémon Go offers.

These fixed quests and rewards are the closest thing this game has to a story mode.

pokemon go research rewards special missions

Each of the stages for the special research quests will require gamers to complete a series of three missions.

Each of these missions offers a small reward that you’ll receive after you complete each of the steps.

All three of the steps must be completed in order to unlock the large reward.

After each step, Professor Willow will introduce the next phase.

The first of the special quests is the Mythical Discovery quest.

Completing this task leads to unlocking Mew or Celebi.

The Ripple in Time quest is by far the most popular because it offers a pretty big reward.

Instead of meeting Mew, you’ll get to meet the fan favorite, Celebi.

This particular special quest consists of eight steps, each of which offers a small reward upon completion of a phase.

Once you’ve completed all eight steps you’ll be able to meet and catch Celebi.

The objective of this mission involves a variety of distance covered tasks, progressing to difficult evolution requirements.

pokemon go research rewards making time creating a strategy

If you’re in a hurry to reap all the rewards and take advantage of everything the rewards table has to offer, then you’ll need to do some careful plotting.

If you’re on a mission to get all seven of your stamps, then you’ll be disappointed to learn that completing a special research mission won’t get you a stamp in the rewards table.

Remember, only completing a task from a field research mission will earn you one.

This is when using Pokémon Go tips and finding a buddy to hunt with comes in handy.

You’ll be able to defeat a gym, handle your enemies, and make more time to complete each task if you have another trainer around to help you out.

If you have stamps, field research, and special research missions to complete, a little careful mapping using a trusted Pokémon Go Map will help you get the job done in half the time.

In the end, with so many missions, small tasks, stamps to earn, and, of course, the Pokémon Go research rewards, Pokémon Go has become a well-rounded adventure that has a little something to offer any and every Pokémon fan.

Pokemon Go Research Rewards: Complete Field Tasks List
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Pokemon Go Research Rewards: Complete Field Tasks List
A Pokemon Go research rewards table breathes some much-needed life into Pokemon Go with Pokemon Go quests, Pokemon Go levels, and Pokemon Go tasks.
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