Why does my phone get hot while Charging 2022

Why does my phone get hot while Charging? Mobile Phones are the most basic need of this time. They’re in so much use almost we use them 18 hours a day. We have to keep it charge all the times to make sure that it doesn’t shut down.
We mainly observe that why does my phone get hot when we remove it from charging. Anyhow, we don’t focus much on this behavior.
We take this as a common thing. But we never thought Why does my phone get hot while Charging?
Is this a normal thing or is it bad for the lifespan of our phone. Today we are going to discuss all the factors that lead to raising the temperature of the phone.

Why does my phone get hot while charging?

Faulty Charging Cables

There are higher chances that you’re using the inferior quality chargers or cable. Why does my phone get hot while charging, such charges affect the battery of the phone?

Guaranteed Charger

  • If you’re not using any warranty chargers probably they’re causing the performance problems.
  • Always try to use the charger of good android companies or iPhone companies. Like Samsung or apples are most trusted companies.

False Insertion

  • The connector or plug when inserted into the charger it may increase the temperature due to temporarily short circuit.

High Power Chargers

  • Quick charge chargers are not suitable for use as they overheat the phone fast.
  • Chargers which are of low power are most suitable to use.
  • Our phones cannot bear the higher output chargers sometimes. They lead to the burning of battery and screen.


Protective Case

Some of us are in habit of covering pour phones with beautiful cases at all times. We keep them covered even during charging.

  • The cover act as an insulator and thus doesn’t allow the heat to move out. This is a totally bad thing as the heat will remain inside.
  • When the heat will not flow outside, there are higher chances that the hardware of the phone may get damaged.
  • Many phone cases are made from plastic material that is extremely dangerous for battery. They keep the heat in and pass cool air out.

It is advised to always remove the cover while charging.

Operating System of the phone

Every company has used its own manufactured OS in the phones. The OS may not of good quality.

  • The OS affect the motherboard or the RAM of the phone.
  • When the motherboard or the RAM don’t function well they start taking too much energy from the phone.

As a result, the phone becomes hot during charging.

Background Apps

Perhaps you are using too much background apps.

  • If you have installed many apps, these apps consume energy according to their demand.
  • More apps mean the number of heat energy passing through it.
  • Although heavy apps also carry more energy.

Ensure to check the apps

Why does my phone get hot while charging? Try to check the apps and their capacity within the phone. Be sure that how much Kbs they are taking on the phone. These backgrounds apps are one of the definite reasons for your phone to become hot.

Netflix, Youtube

Constant use of Netflix or youtube for long durations affect the phone working.

Surrounding Temperature

The surrounding temperature affects the charging temperature as well. When you charge your phone try to keep it in a room having a moderate temperature.

Best Temperature for phone charging

The temperature should around 25 Celsius.
If the outside temperature will be high, it doesn’t allow the heat to move out. The phone will become hot and the battery will be overwhelmed.


Why does my phone get hot while charging? When you charge a phone always check the position in which you leave the phone.

Inappropriate Position

If you keep the screen side up and the battery side down, the flow of heat will be stopped. This heat corrosion leads to raising the temperature of the phone.

Best Position

When you keep the battery side up and the screen side down, it will make the phone a little cool during charging.

Wifi and Mobile Data

When we charge our phones, we may keep our wifi or mobile data on.

  • The internet connection constantly takes the battery of the phone. These acts will heat up the phone during the charging cycle.
  • For the safety of the phone, it is recommended to turn off the apps or data while charging. It is also good to turn the flight mood on so that all the service will not run.

These little acts are significantly beneficial for the battery of the phone



Playing Games

Why does my phone get hot so fast? Sometimes you use mobile very roughly. We play games most of the times and we keep heavy apps open all the timings.
Such things affect the working of RAM, CPU, and GPU. This hardware affects the battery and makes it harder to work and the phone starts heating up.

CPU Cooling Feature

Why does my phone get hot while charging? Use the CPU cooler feature to cool the apps. This feature is best to avoid the heating of the phone during charging.

Phone Junk

Junk files affect the functionality of the phone. Not only the phone works slower but also it faces hurdles during charging.

Lesser Number of Files

For the optimization of the phone always keep a moderate number of files.

Battery Saver Mode

Keep the battery saver mode on so that the phone will not charge abnormally.
Software Update
When the phone asks for some software update it means that there’s some disturbance occurring. The update means that the apps cannot work well now. We keep ignoring this thing sometimes.
If you don’t update that particular software it affects the entire phone functioning. Thus it leads to heat up the phone.


Sometimes we leave the phone on charging and keep there for hours. The battery when crosses 100% it if full and continue charging after this is entirely long.

  • Overcharging the phone affects the quality of the battery.

Follow Charging Instructions

For best usage always follow the instructions given by the company for charging correctly. The maximum charging limit for most of the phones is 2 to 3 hours.

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