Why does my Phone say no SIM Card Installed

Why does my phone say no sim card installed? If you have never heard of a SIM card, you are not alone. Ideally, you must never have to worry about it. once you experience issues with your SIM card, having a little data about what your iPhone’s SIM card will help you to understand the method of diagnosing and fixing the “No SIM” error.
If you ever wish to stump your technician friends with mobile trivia, SIM stands for “Subscriber Identity Module”. Your iPhone’s SIM card stores the little bits of data that distinguish you from all the opposite iPhone users over the cellular network, and contains the authorization keys that allow your iPhone to access the voice, text, and data services that you pay for on your mobile phone bill.
The SIM card is that the part of your iPhone that stores your phone number and permits you to access the cellular network. Question is why does my phone say no sim card installed. I understand your issues, and that’s why I bring this article for your guidance on why does my phone say no sim card installed.
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Role of the SIM Cards has changed over the years

Lots of older phones used to use SIM cards to store the list of contacts. The iPhone is completely different because it stores your contacts on iCloud, your email server, or in your iPhone’s internal memory, but never on your SIM card.
The other evolution in the SIM cards came with the introduction of 4G LTE. Before the iPhone five, carriers like Verizon and Sprint WHO use CDMA technology used the iPhone itself to link a person’s phone number to the cellular data network, not a separate SIM card that will be placed inside. Nowadays, every network uses SIM cards to store their subscribers’ phone numbers.
In this article, you will get to know about Why does my phone say no sim card installed. Here at the bright side, I have put together a list of things you can do to try to save your phone.
Why does my phone say no sim card installed

Why does my phone say no sim card installed :

  • No SIM card pop up
  • Invalid Sim
  • Drops Signals
  • Esim problems

Solution 1: Use Airplane Mode

Why does my phone say no sim card installed
If you are facing issues like Wi-Fi, GPS, cellular or Bluetooth.
Toggling the airplane mode fix the issues. This walks most of the cases.
Step 1: Go to the setting app.
Step 2: Find and turn airplane mode toggle on.  Wait for 5 to 20 seconds.
Step 3: Now turn off airplane mode.

 Solution 2: To Reboot your iPhone

To Reboot your iPhone
Your iPhone can’t detect SIM due to some reasons, that be fixed after reboot iPhone.

 iPhone XS/XS Max/iPhone XR/X/8/8 Plus

  • Press and Hold Side Button and Volume Up Button.
  •  To get and do the “slide to power off” screen.
  •  Now press the side button to turn on.

Turn off iPhone 7/7 Plus/6S/6/6 Plus

  • Press and Hold Sleep/Wake Button gets “Slide to Power off”
  • Turn iPhone by Press and Hold on “Sleep/Wake” Button only. Until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
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Solution 3: SIM Card is properly placed

To Reboot your iPhone
Why does my phone say no sim card installed? You should check SIM card tray clean, SIM card not damaged, SIM card inserted and properly adjusted.

  1. Clean your SIM card tray using cloth.
  2. The damaged card should be replaced from the carrier.
  3. Install SIM card properly. Check the user manual for more help.


 Solution 4: SIM Card is Damaged because of Water

  1. Your iPhone touches with water but you don’t know.
  2. Go for SIM replacement and dry the SIM slot first.


Solution 5:  Try another SIM


  1. Before card replacement, you can try another SIM temporary.
  2. After SIM replacement is the right way and contacts your carrier for the SIM replacement.


 Solution 6: Carrier settings update

Right then simple things you should do.

  1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Next, Tap on General.
  3. Tap on About.
  4. If Carrier settings are available for you, then you will be asked to update carrier settings.
  5. Tap on Update and Done


Solution 7: Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

Go to the Settings app on iPhone
Tap on General > Scroll down to Reset.
Tap on Reset Network Settings.

Solution 8: Upgrade iOS to the Latest Version of iOS

Settings > General > Software Updates
In the case for Error: iPhone SIM Invalid or SIM Card Failure.

Solution 9: Try to Clean Restore if this problem because of jailbreak the device. [ Remove jailbreak ]


Solution 10: Restore your iPhone to Factory Default using iTunes

If any of the solutions does not work for you, You can ask Apple Support team.

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