Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery 2022

Struggling hard to know Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery? The phone is the most basic thing that we all use most of the times. we keep our mobile phones or iPhones in our pocket so that we can easily get the notification. Why does my phone get hot, we reply on receiving messages because our lives are so many dependants on phones for conversation purposes with each other.
When the phone is running through some issues definitely we all get disturbed. Sometimes we observe that when we receive some sort of updates and we open the screen of the phone the phone is getting hot. That time it becomes hard to touch the back of the phone as excess heat rays are generating from it.
Well, I’m here to present the easiest ways regarding Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery?
Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery

Likewise, we notice that our battery drains very most of the times as compared to the normal routine. We try to run applications but instead of opening the battery starts dropping in pointing and Why does my phone get hot at the end because of battery drainage.

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery

Is it normal behavior? Yes, it’s the mess we are all facing in our routine lives. I’m going to discuss the main reasons behind these criteria and how can we resolve Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery.

Main Reasons Behind Phone Warmth and Battery Drainage

There’re various factors that affect the normal functioning of the phone processor and it starts weird behavior.

Excess Usage of Heavy Apps

Either we use android or iPhone we are in habit of having a lot of Google applications on our phone. Like we use WhatsApp, messenger, youtube, mail service etc but these are the apps of less data capacity. When we download software like

  • Mathematical software
  • Data analysis software
  • IT software

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery

This kind of software generally takes more power. Try to use heavy applications on your laptop because it’s not safe for the engine of your phone. Not only it drops power but also it affects the lifetime of the phone.


Sometimes we are habitual to watch all the TV dramas, films on youtube. We love Netflix sessions and enjoy them is our spare times.

  • Such things affect the GPU of the screen and the screen remains open for a long time.
  • When the screen remains on, the battery will lose fast.

Heavy Storage

We keep excess storage in our phones. More memory will consume more power. Why is my phone hot and losing battery, the phone’s memory gets a fill because of

  • Keeping thousands of photos.
  • Downloading too much audio and video.
  • Excess phone apps or iTunes.
  • Heavy data files or word, powerpoint and pdf.

In this case, the phone starts stopping after a few whiles. It is advisable to check the storage settings and remove files of large KBs.

Old Battery or OS

you’ve bought your phone for 4 to 5 years ago. The lifetime of the battery is fixed. Old battery gets stop early and it needs to change.
The operating system of every phone does not work. Some androids have a bad operating system in them. The rough OS handles causing the phone to become hot and lose power.


Some people cover their phones with beautiful caps.

  • When the phone remains cover all the times it causes insulation.
  • The heat rays may not be able to pass outside the cover.
  • The phone gets hot at that time so it’s better to remove cover sometimes.

More Brightness

More brightness is not good for the eyes. Also, more brightness means that power will lose fast. You should keep a moderate brightness level.

Hardware Problem

Some phone companies use low-quality hardware while manufacturing. Thus hardware works well in the start but after some time it starts disturbing the inner apps of the phone.
It’s better to buy the androids of iPhones of trusted companies like Apple, Samsung. But if are using other companies too it’s ok.
Do an inspection of your hardware or software from the mobile technician. Inferior hardware is one of the leading reasons for battery dripping.


Ahh, games look very minor reason but they carry more space.

  • People especially children download different apps on the phone.
  • They play games all the times.
  • Playing games cause the battery dropping quickly.

Generally, when we play games we notice we need to charge three to four times a day.


Sometimes we see our phone is hot when we take it off from the charger. We think our charger is not good.

  • Probably we use the charger of another phone company that doesn’t suit our phone.
  • Or the wire of our charger is of inferior quality.

Changing the cable is the best solution to get rid of the phone becoming hot.

Phone Data

Our phone data takes much MBs when we turn it on. Data drops the battery of the phone very fast. Keep the battery saver mode on to avoid this situation.

Software Update

Why is my phone hot and losing battery, Our phone is requiring the software update. Sometimes it is giving notification to update the software and we ignore it like it’s nothing. The software update is an essential phenomenon as

  • The inner apps are causing some problem that needs to be resolved.
  • There’s not enough space and software update is necessary to free up some space.

Need for Cybersecurity Software

We download each and everything from the internet without knowing the fact that it’s safe or not. Some applications or software cause the virus on the phone.

  • The virus disturbs the apps due to which they start generating X rays.
  • These X-rays cause the phone to become hot.

It is advisable to download some good cybersecurity software like ANAS Antivirus. This software will protect the phone from infected apps. As a result, there’ll no chances of battery dropping.

Duration of Screen Opening

If you keep the duration of screen long like for 1 to 2 minutes, the power will lose fast.
To keep the phone in good condition and to save the battery timings, open small durations.
Almost 10 to 30 seconds duration is considered to be best for the greatest functioning.
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