Why is My Phone so Slow on the Internet – 2022 Guide

Why is my phone so slow on the internet it’s over a year. I think I need an upgradeĀ its performance is not that great as it used to be six months back. There is all sort of things that you hear from many Android users. Which actually say that their phone is getting older and it’s becoming slow so well is this really the case.
In this article, I’m going to talk about Why is my phone so slow on the internet or they appear to become slow over time. Let’s get started so the very first thing that I would like to talk about is all those apps that you install on your phone. Yes I mean when your phone is new it just comes with like those talk apps which are like what 2021 maybe. If you have an Asus phone you might even have 40. But still I mean over time you install new apps and those apps receive updates.

Why is my phone so slow on the internet?

Now what happens is the developers who actually work behind the scene make them. They know that more powerful devices are coming in the market so there are devices which have Snapdragon 820 1 with 6 GB of RAM now. They will actually make their apps much more fluid and they don’t care about how much RAM it’s going to use.

How To Speed Up Android Phone Internet

Say Good Bye To Heavy Apps
  • Because the new devices will have a lot of rams but then if you update the same app on your phone your 2gb of RAM will be consumed and like this. The best example that we can relate to is Facebook and Chrome these apps. For the past year, the kind of updates they have received of the consumption of the memories have increased significantly. From what I personally believe Chrome and Facebook are the two main reasons for high memory usage on phone. So in such a scenario what you can do is you can actually update the apps that you really want and uninstall and look for alternatives for those heavy apps. For Facebook, you can install Facebook light metal and for Chrome, we have epics browser and a whole lot of other browsers which take less memory.

Reduce Memory

  • The second major culprit is the number of apps that you install on your phone. What happens if you want to try out one app and you install it and after two days you literally don’t want. You never open it and it just eats up your memory make files that are not necessary for internal storage and this is just one of that I am talking about. What happens is if you use your phone for six months or let’s say more than six months. Also, there must be a couple of apps that you don’t usually use but they’ll still be there. So I want you to actually go and hunt for those apps that you no longer use uninstall them right now and then see the difference. You’ll have increased internal storage along with reduced memory footprints so do it right now.
Is Updating Your Phone is Risky Task?
  • The third thing that you should be worried about is OS yes updates are good for your device. But at times what happens is these updates are not that optimized or they are better graphics the performance tweaks and as well which might not be favorable for your battery life or your hardware. So in such a case don’t just update your phone blindly wait for a few days go to forums listen to what others are saying about that particular update. What is good what is bad what has been faked what has been optimized and then take your decision to update your phone. So I am NOT saying that you should not update your phone. You should be updating your phone if it is having a security bug fix or any other critical updates but then always research before you press that button.

Restart Your Phone

  • The fourth tip that I would like to provide is you should restart your phone often. Most of us don’t restart our devices so take for example a computer you have been using it for two days three days but after a certain point in time, it needs a reboot. So once in a fortnight shut down your device for one reboot it gives it a fresh start and you really feel that difference now.
Clear Cache Files
  • The fifth thing that you should all take care about is the residue or the junk files. now let me be very clear the apps that you have on your phone their cache files are not junk file. Those are the file that the app needs when I mean to function better so let’s say you’re using Facebook. It downloads some of the photos as cached. So that, later on, they don’t need to download it but then there are certain files like a leftover of an app you have uninstalled or some images thumbnails and a hell lot of other things. In such a case this is an app called SD main that you should install. Do a detailed analysis of what’s there on your device there’s a module called hops finders storage analyzer that you can use and clean the internal storage of your phone.


So guys now you know Why is my phone so slow on the internet and it’s been a year and the 2 GBS of RAM with the Snapdragon for 1/4 might not be enough for the apps and games. That is there today so one thing is you can go for an upgrade or the second thing is you can use these 5 tips and hope that your device functions smoothly so that’s all in this article. If you like the information don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and do share it with your family and friends because you would like to help them right so yes – hit that social share button right now.

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