Why You Need a Smartphone Monitoring App?

Why You Need a Smartphone Monitoring App?
Ever got worried about what is your child doing online? Nowadays, a smartphone has a lot of good things as well as there are a lot of bad things that you should be worried about. As a parent, you are always worried about what is your child doing on their mobile phone. The simple solution to this can be installing the software on their mobile phone using which you can keep an eye on their activity. Yes, there are some of the software using which you can easily keep an eye on all the things they do on their mobile phone. Here, we are going to review one of the most popular software when it comes to monitoring online activities. This is the TTSPY review which will go through all the features and we will also see why you need this software in your child’s mobile phone.

Features of TTSPY

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Call Log

You will get the full call log of what is your child doing online. There is a section where you can easily see all the outgoing calls as well as incoming calls. Moreover, you can see the number on which they have called. On the other hand, if they have the number saved on their mobile phone, the software also allows you to see the name of the contact name as well. Therefore, you will come to know if the caller is unknown or someone they know.

Location Tracker

The next thing that you should keep an eye on is the location of the phone. Using TTSPY, you can easily come to know about your child’s current location. The software will use GPS features to know about the location. You can keep a track on the live location and know where your child is. The live location features works flawlessly and it will automatically turn on the GPS mode.

Live Cameras Remotely

One of the best features that we come across in TTSPY review is live cameras. Live cameras will help you to see your child anytime you want. You can turn on the front camera as well as you can turn on the back camera whenever you want. Therefore, it is the best way to ensure that your child is with friends or with others. Moreover, this also is a useful security feature. You can use this to ensure that your child is safe. Also, it is very much useful especially if you are monitoring your daughter’s phone as you can make sure she returns home safe without any trouble.

Application usage

Nowadays, there are a lot of applications that will harm the user in one way or the other. There are many harmful applications and games which are not recommended for children. It may spoil your children’s brain and may encourage them to do wrong or illegal things. Therefore, this feature turns out to be quite useful. You can see the list of all the application installed on their phone. Moreover, you will see when the application was used and for how much amount of times it was used. It is one of the best features you will get here. So, you can keep an eye on the applications and games.

Live screen Remotely

If you are still looking for some of the best features in this TTSPY review, here is one other feature that will blow your mind. If you do not get what’s going on in the application, you can use the live screen whenever you want. You will see the entire screen of your child’s mobile phone whenever you want. In other words, you can see with who is your child chatting with or what are they actually doing on their mobile phone.

Why use TTSPY?

Now you might be wondering why you should use monitoring tool and even if you use it, why you should use TTSPY. In this TTSPY review, we will also see some of the advantages and benefits of using TTSPY.

  • You can know what your child is doing on their smartphone.
  • This will help you to protect your child from unknown danger or some miscellaneous application
  • The tool will help you to save your child from a bad company.
  • Once you install the tool, no one can see the tool and therefore, no one will know that an application is on their mobile phone.
  • The tool works on Android as well as on IOS. Therefore, you can use it in any of these devices no matter which device they are using.
  • You don’t need to root your android phone or jailbreak your IOS device
  • TTSPY is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is install the application on the target mobile phone. Once you install the application you will have to follow the instructions received in your email address.
  • The application and the whole toolkit is not too expensive. Anyone can afford the application.

Final words on TTSPY review

To conclude, this is the full TTSPY review with all the features and the usage. Getting started with TTSPY is too easy, all you have to do is go to the website, select the plan that you want to go with (IOS or Android). Once you complete the payment, you will get the application link as well as the instructions in your registered email address. You can check it for more information. Don’t worry, there are also screenshots given wherever you will need help. Moreover, their support team is always there for you whenever you want to ask anything or have any doubt.
Talking about the pricing, you can get the tool for only $49.99 a month for both Android as well as IOS devices. You can use this software if you want to keep a close eye on your child.

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